Board of Directors

Omar Hayek


  • Expert Surveyor.
  • Youth activist.
  • Team Builder.
  • Founder of Scouting Group.

Mohamad Hawashe


  • Certified Trainer ( Young leaderships , ICT Programs ).
  • Trainer in folklore choreographer
  • Youth activist.

Ala’a Ghaben

Program Coordinator

  • Certified Trainer “Youth Work and Leadership”
  • Initiative Building
  • Trainer
  • Language Teacher
  • Interpreter

Khaled AbuQare

International relations coordinator

  • Diplomate
  • Activist at No Hate Speech movement & other international organizations
  • Youth Activist

Ayah Ghaben


  • Art and craft teacher
  • Dabkah teacher
  • Language Teacher
  • Trainers’ Assistant
  • Youth Activist


Aseel Khatab


  • 21 years old.
  • A student in BZU Faculty of Law.
  • A player in Palestinian national team fencing.
  • She have the title of Palestinian heroine in fencing.
  • She represent Palestine in many training camps and championships. In addition.
  • She work in KFC Palestinian

Ruoa Nabil


  • 18 years old.
  • A student in BZU Mechatronics Engineering 
  • A volunteer in voluntary societies
  • Paramedic (volunteer) at the Medical Relief Society.
  • The hobbies : 

Alaa Shamroukh


  • 18 years old.
  • A student in BZU computer engineering
  • She participates in  reading competitions.
  • The hobbies : drawing, reading, running.

Mohamed Mrahel


  • 33 years old.
  • surveying engineer from ppu Hebron.
  • manager in Land Authority .
  • A volunteer in voluntary societies.
  • A passionate traditional Dabkeh dancer.
  • Youth Activist.


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